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Storytelling and Vocal Interpretation:

how to create a narrative in singing

No matter what genre or style, every song tells a story, telling us about other's feelings and emotions.

Learn how to bring your favourite song's narrative to life, giving your performance your exclusive artistic touch. Explore the power of lyrics and discover how to use them to really reach the heart of your audience and to with them your emotions. Get excited to enjoy your singing experience even more as a real storyteller!



The importance of creating a narrative in singing and how to emphasise emotions with technical strategies, such as dynamics and facial expressions.  

Get ready to sing with breathing and use of dynamics exercises.

Demonstration and first practice: Exploring conversational tone as a first approach to storytelling.

Every student will have a spot in the class (about 10 minutes per student if class is full) to showcase a song of their own choice (every style is welcome!) and receive constructive feedback from the teacher and positive comments and suggestions from the class.
Please choose a tune that you are comfortable singing. Have lyrics and backing track ready - or music, if you choose to accompany yourself. You will be allowed to take your time to get ready to perform in front of the class.



This workshop is suitable for adult learners of every level. 

The session will take place on the online platform Zoom and is open to a maximum of 6 participants - this to be sure that each participant will receive equal time. Every student will receive a Zoom link via email the day before the session date.

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