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"Nudging boundaries as she goes, La Sorsa satisfies her sonic curiosity by using her jazz vocal virtuosity in familiar and extraordinary ways to lead her fine ensemble on an exploration of the listenable end of the jazzant-garde, where the wide open spaces and odd turns encourage you to question what you knew."

- The Slow Music Movement

"La Sorsa’s debut is an excellent recording, with exciting originals and inventive takes on well-chosen covers."
- Elliot Marlow-Stevens, Jazz Journal

"It's a thoughtful, original and very musically satisfying album."
- Alison Bentley, London Jazz News

"The music is stimulating but never banal, the space between improvisation and written parts is fresh, seamless and the interplay between the musicians is perfectly balanced."
- Simone Gubbiotti, Jazz in Europe

"I find a nice balance of colour in Germana's album where the use of Sam Leak's Hammond brings warmth and depth while Nick Costley-White's guitar reflects Germana's vocals and brings us some engaging solos, as does Sam Leak. Jay Davis's expressive drums underpin the whole and are really well-balanced in the mix."

- Ian Maund, Sandy Brown Jazz - Tea Break, March 2022 [Interview]

- Joe Dimino, Kansas City Radio, Neon Jazz Interview, (USA), June 2022 [Radio Interview]

- Sarah Chaplin, Jazz London Live Radio, June 2022 [Radio Interview]

- Flavio Li Vigni, Morley Radio, March 2022 [Radio Interview]

- Lavander Sutton, London Jazz News, April 2022 [Album Launch Feature]

- Alison Bentley, London Jazz News, May 2021 [Interview]

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