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Sing, Sing, Sing!

Exploring the art of singing

Whether you're looking to improve your singing technique or you'd like some stylistic tips to make your performance more effective or if you just want to share your art with others, this class is the right place for you.

Bring you own original music or get ready to sing your favourite song...with backing tracks or a fellow musician to accompany you...or just bring your questions and enjoy your learning experience in this friendly and inspiring class where everyone is welcome, eager to learn and ready to support each other. With no competition: only music expression!




Welcome and presentation of the class.



Get ready to sing with breathing exercises and vocal warm ups.

Every student will have a spot in the class (about 10 minutes per student if class is full) to showcase a song of their own choice (every style is welcome!) or to present a topic for discussion and will receive constructive feedback from the teacher and positive comments and suggestions from the class.
Please choose a tune that you are comfortable singing. Have lyrics and backing track ready - or music, if you choose to accompany yourself. You will be allowed to take your time to get ready to perform in front of the class.



This workshop is suitable for adult learners of every level. Please note that this class is open both to performers and to listener students, with no obligation to sing.

The session will take place on the online platform Zoom and is open to a maximum of 6 participants - this to be sure that each participant will receive equal time. Every student will receive a Zoom link via email the day before the session date.

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