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Italian London-based Jazz Singer and Storyteller Germana Stella La Sorsa was inspired to compose new material by moving to the UK in 2017. This creative impetus eventually led to the composition of much of the music on her debut album 'Vapour', released on the London based label 33 Jazz Records, and now available on all major platforms.

In its style and conception, the music is very eclectic, crossing the boundaries of genre but steeped in modern sounds with a nod to the avant-garde. Recorded with a Hammond Trio, Germana has channeled a wide range of influences into a contemporary jazz album that includes the music of Frank Zappa and Hermeto Pascoal.

The tunes are full of heavy grooves and rich in electrifying moments with captivating melodies enhanced by Germana’s distinctive instrumental use of her voice, coloured with effects and harmonies.

Germana entered the studio together with long time collaborator Sam Leak on Hammond organ and heavy weight stalwarts of the London jazz scene Nick Costley-White on guitar and Jay Davis on drums.

Together they have created a modern, open and sophisticated album, fully tuned in to the current wave of contemporary UK jazz.

"Nudging boundaries as she goes, La Sorsa satisfies her sonic curiosity by using her jazz vocal virtuosity in familiar and extraordinary ways to lead her fine ensemble on an exploration of the listenable end of the jazzant-garde, where the wide open spaces and odd turns encourage you to question what you knew."

- The Slow Music Movement

​After relocating to London, La Sorsa's unique talent was quickly recognised leading to developing her own projects (including JiC_Jazz in Cinema_Project, alongside the english double bass player Joe Boyle) and performances at most of the main London jazz venues - such as the iconic Ronnie Scott's, The Spice of Life, Vortex Jazz Club, Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club, Oliver's Jazz Bar and Kansas Smitty's.

La Sorsa started performing in Italy at an early age, working her way up through the Italian Jazz scene to ultimately perform at the side of one of the most influential European jazz musicians: Franco Cerri (Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, Billie Holiday, Lee Konitz, Gerry Mulligan, Django Reinhardt and many more).

"There is a sort of positive melancholy in Germana’s vocal performance, you hear a link to the tradition yet at the same time it’s fresh and forward facing."
-  Jazz in Europe

"La Sorsa’s debut is an excellent recording, with exciting originals and inventive takes on well-chosen covers."
- Jazz Journal

"It's a thoughtful, original and very musically satisfying album."
- London Jazz News

"The music is stimulating but never banal, the space between improvisation and written parts is fresh, seamless and the interplay between the musicians is perfectly balanced."
- Jazz in Europe

“...a beautifully inventive and explorative work. Germana’s light and graceful vocals weaving in and out throughout as she skilfully interacts with the musicians.” 

- Mala Waldron


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Germana Stella La Sorsa - Black (33 Jazz Records)
Germana Stella La Sorsa - Blue (33 Jazz Records)
Germana Stella La Sorsa - Primary Colours (33 Jazz Records)
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